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AIWOS Category: Philately

004 – Il Volley

Il Volley The thematic collection is a representation of the Volleyball through the history, development and evolution of playing techniques. All the events were represented with philately. One chapter is

005 – Table Tennis

Table Tennis The collection is realized in four chapters in which I describe the history, the evolution from game to sport up to the Olympics, the free time and all

009 – Athletics

Athletics My athletics collection starts from the origins through the Olympic Games of antiquity continues with the athletics of today through the organization and the factors of progress. Then we

015 – Histoire de la flamme olympique

Histoire de la flamme olympique De l’antiquité à Los Angeles, l’histoire et le symbolisme de la flamme olympique par la philatélie. Frame 1 Frame 2 Frame 3 Frame 4 Francis

016 – La France et l’olympisme

La France et l’olympisme De Pierre de Coubertin aux candidatures d’Albertville et Paris en 1992 : un siècle d’olympisme en France. Frame 1 Frame 2 Francis Daziniere Association Française des