AICO is an association of Olympic collector clubs that benefit from its status as an Organization Recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

What does this mean for collecting clubs who join the AICO team?

  • Increased stature in the international Olympic collecting community;
  • Strengthened links with your National Olympic Committee;
  • Expanded appeal to attract new individual members;
  • Opportunities to share resources and reference materials with fellow Olympic collectors;
  • Access IOC funding for special projects;
  • Nominate represents to the AICO Executive Board and Committees;
  • Guide future development of the Olympic collecting movement;
  • Eligibility to host Olympic collectors events with AICO patronage.

By joining AICO, your club becomes a member of the international Olympic collector fraternity with thousands of fans around the globe, giving your members access to an extensive library of information to augment their knowledge and hone their collecting skills in the areas of Olympic philately, numismatics, pins and memorabilia. AICO provides and manages the electronic platform – its members, working together, supply the content.

Benefits for individual collectors and collector clubs include:

  • Basic to advanced information on Olympic collecting;
  • Latest international developments;
  • Study groups on Olympic history and culture as they relate to collectibles;
  • Important and verified reference material;
  • Access to AICO publications (electronic and print);
  • Contact with experts in Olympic collectibles;
  • Access to exclusive souvenirs;
  • Develop or strengthen a potential to exhibit and compete for awards;
  • Participate in international Olympic collectors events;
  • Social networking.

Individuals interested in learning more about Olympic collecting are encouraged to join one of the many member clubs around the world. If you do not have a club in your country, simply join one from the extensive list as most clubs are international in their membership.

If your club is not yet a member, we hope you will join AICO. Criteria for membership and a Pre-Membership Application are provided for your convenience.