AICO Olympic NOC Pins Catalogue


Welcome to the Interactive Olympic NOC Pins Catalogue!

Current National Olympic Committee (NOC) pins catalogues are mostly available only in paper format with low resolution and low quality photos. Without a global catalogue and with already thousands of existing pins it is hard for collectors to keep track of pins, not to mention managing their personal collections. One of the main aims of our project was to create an electronic version of the catalogue with improved high-quality photos.


How to use the AOPC application:

The application has four main pages: Search, Collection, Countries and Profile.

On the Search page you can search and filter all pins present in the catalogue. You can directly enter text to search for or filter pins by selected criteria. Each pin provides a photo, country, dimensions and, most importantly, an “Add to my collection“ option.

Once you register and create an account you can use the Collection page to manage your collection. Your collection may be searched and filtered in the same way as on the Search page.

The Countries page displays a list of all countries with a National Olympic Committee. Each country page includes the official dates the NOC was created and recognized by the IOC, and all pins issued by the country. A pin marked with PP (Picture Pending) indicates that the pin is known to exist, but a picture is not yet available.

And finally, the Profile page allows the user to establish a free user account and displays the user’s profile. A user account is necessary to establish a Collection page.


How to download and install the AOPC application:

You may download and install the special AOPC app on your computer, Android phone, or IPhone, using one of the following links:



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