The Youth Olympic Games is a multi-sport event for athletes aged 14 – 18. It is intended to be the first Olympic experience for young people and designed to complement the existing Olympic Games. The Youth Olympic Games include separate competitions for summer and winter sports.

The Youth Olympic Games are intended to bring together the world’s best athletes in the spirit of sport. In addition to sport, educational and cultural programmes are an essential part of the Youth Olympic Games.

The demands on the hosts are much smaller for these events than for the Olympic Games. Existing facilities are used and the competitions are held in the host city.


The concept of the Youth Olympic Games came from Austrian industrial manager, Johann Rosenzopf, in 1998. In 2007, at the 119th IOC Session in Guatemala, the IOC decided to introduce the youth version of the Olympic Games.

In 2010, the Summer Games were held in Singapore for the first time. Two years later in 2012, the 1st Winter Youth Olympic Games were held in Innsbruck. A torch relay is also held in advance of the Youth Games.

Summer Youth Games

Winter Youth Games

2010 Singapore

August 14-26, 2010

2014 Nanjing

August 16-28, 2014

2018 Buenos Aires

October 6-18, 2018

2026 Dakar


2014 Innsbruck

January 12-22, 2012

2016 Lillehammer

February 11-21, 2016

2020 Lausanne

January 8-22, 2020

2024 Gangwon

Jan. 19 – Feb. 1, 2024