Christophe Ait-Braham (2022-2026)

President, 2018-2026 (France)
Secretary, 2014-2018

Ait-Braham-croppedChristophe Ait-Braham discovered the magic of the Games in the late 80’s during the preparation of the Albertville Olympics.

He joined the Association Française des Collectionneurs Olympiques et Sportifs (AFCOS) in 1994. Two year later, their board asked him to serve as Administrator of AFCOS for their publication, Esprit : Sports et Olympisme, and participate in the memorabilia group. He continued as vice-president from 2003 and 2005, then as General Secretary since 2005.

Christophe has been involved in various sports and collecting organizations. For example in 2002, he was Commissioner General of the Olympic Collectors Fair in Albertville for the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the organization of the Winter Olympics in Savoy. He was awarded the Bronze Medal of Youth and Sports of the French Republic.

His other interests include mountains and Olympic philosophy. He is the author, in 1996, of a Masters thesis on the subject published in Paris’ La Sorbonne Nouvelle. He collects Olympic objects in general and especially mascots.

Today he works in an international institution on educational programs and runs marathons.