PROLYMPO releases Olympic collectors catalog of Official Reports

After seven years of research and preparation this publication about Olympic memorabilia has appeared. Conceived as the first of eight volumes this is a comprehensive catalogue of the Official Reports. It is primarily targeted at museums and collectors who are specialized in this area. The Brazilian collector Roberto Gesta de Melo led the project; the former Prolympo President Karl Lennartz was chief editor; authors and researchers include Anthony Th. Bijkerk, current Prolympo President Christian Wacker and Jürgen Wagner. Markus Osterwalder is responsible for what is a very attractive design.

The volume is introduced with a short overview of Olympic history including the Official Reports. The catalogue itself is clearly structured. There are six chapters, offering a chronology of the Olympics which also takes the readers to the next Games in Tokyo 2020. Individual sections begin with an overview of the current Games. Thereafter the reports are presented with details and peculiarities noted. It is very useful that the compilers have included the Official Reports from 1940 and the Winter Games of 1976, originally awarded to Denver. They were of course forced to hand them back by public pressure.

The 354 pages come with a ring binder in a slip case, so that updates can be added in the future.

Additional images may be viewed on the AICO Library Catalog.

Official Reports. Olympic Collectors Catalog
History of the Official Reports of the Olympic Games since Athens 1896
2017, pp. 354, € 125 (packing and postage extra)
(Note: total weight of catalog and slipcase is 2900 grams)
Publisher: AGON,