Polish Club of Olympic and Sports Philately “THE OLYMPIAN”


Participation in projects of sports and Olympic philately inspired by philatelic organisations, the Polish Olympic Committee, the Museum of Sport and Tourism, or local authorities promoting achievements of Polish Olympians and the history of the Polish Olympic movement through philately.

Primary Interest


Membership Benefits

  • Publications
  • Meetings/Conventions
  • Sponsor Awards
  • Advice on creating competitive philatelic exhibits, opening of contacts between members of the Club to stimulate an exchange of philatelic material and experiences

Annual Dues: There is a general membership fee of the Polish Philatelist Union of about € 20 (USD 25). The Club does not collect a membership fee.

Contact Address

c/o Dr. Roman Babut
P.O. Box 913, ul. Swietokrzyska 31/33
Warsaw 1, Poland 00-950



Website URL


NOC Member

Representative of the Club in the Olympic Collectors Club of the Polish Olympic Committee



Elected Officials

President: Dr. Roman Babut
Secretary/Sec. Gen.: Zbigniew Korszen


Issue/Year: varies
Language: Polish

Other Information

(see separate file “the-olympian.doc)