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Ice Hockey. EncyclopAedia in Questions and Answers

Dr. Prof. Mariia BULATOVA

Director, Olympic Studies Institute, NUUPES

Kyiv, Ukraine


The book is a current publication of the “Encyclopaedia of Olympic Sports” series – a large-scale non-commercial educational project initiated by the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine and supported by the Commission on Culture and Olympic Heritage of the International Olympic Committee.

The content of the book is not limited to information that relates to ice hockey as one of the Olympic sports. It presents a variety of material that reflects the origin and centuries-old history of the development of games with a stick and ball/puck in different cultures, characterizes national traditions, the achievements of this sport in different countries. Particular attention is paid to the origin and development of modern hockey in North America and Europe.

The emphasis in this publication is given to the history of ice hockey as a phenomenon represented in the modern Olympic Games since 1920. The texts and numerous photographs tell about the Olympic champions and prize-winners of the Games, as well as outstanding ice hockey players who became the best snipers, scorers, defenders and goalkeepers at the Olympic ice hockey tournaments.

This section contains an informative memorabilia, viz.: figurines, plaquettes, medals or coins, award diplomas, posters, pins, badges, pictograms, torches, postcards. For fans of this contact and dramatic sport, the history of the origin and development of ice hockey equipment will be also interesting.

This beautiful game once inspired writers, philosophers, sculptors, painters, architects and other representatives of the fine arts whose unsurpassed masterpieces are reflected on the pages of this book.

The book is illustrated with reproductions of masterpieces – paintings, prints, sculptures from different eras. Particular attention is paid to the coverage of the topic of ice hockey in literature, songwriting, cinema, which is a manifestation of love by numerous fans to this amazing sport in different countries of the world.

The sections about the activities of the National Hockey League and the International Ice Hockey Federation tell about the largest competitions in this sport, there is also information about the awards and trophies, which these organizations honor the strongest teams and the best players in different nominations.

The book is completed with the section “Hall of Fame of the International Ice Hockey Federation”, which contains the main moments of the life and sports career of outstanding ice hockey players of the 20th and 21st centuries who made the most significant contribution to the development of this sport both on the international arena and in particular countries.

The book will be interesting not only to those who are engaged in ice hockey, numerous fans of this sport, but also to a wide circle of caring readers throughout the world.

Title in English
Ice Hockey. Encyclopaedia in Questions and Answers
Ordinal Number
Dr. Prof. Mariia BULATOVA
Editor: NOC of Ukraine, non-commercial edition
Place: Kyiv, Ukraine
Year of Publication: 2020
ISBN/ISSN: 978-966-2419-27-6
Physical Description
Number of Pages: 624
Binding Type: Hard cover
Size (width x height): 240x300
Availability: http://noc-ukr.org/about/olympic-library/enciklopedii/