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The Olympic Design

Markus Osteralder (CHE)

Why the Olympic Design? The biggest design project worldwide with unparalleled media coverage is an illustrative example for how important great design is. The design does not only provide the event with a face but also reflects the image of the host city and country. There are excellent but unfortunately bad examples, too. All Olympic Games have their own characters–influenced by people, culture, history and politics of the host country since the very first Olympic Games in 1896. What’s triggering me is the event as a whole–especially how the different departments of the Organising Committee (OCOG) are organising, planning and realising.
This homepage “www.theolympicdesign.com” is intended to help interested parties to make this topic understandable, connect designers worldwide and to keep past design programs alive. My personal goal is to keep improving this site and adding new information.

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