Photographic Exhibition: 4 senses and 1 vision

Tokyo 2020 football (photo: Joao Maia)

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Photographic Exhibition: 4 senses and 1 vision by the artist João Maia


João Maia, a Brazilian photographer who went blind at 28 years of age, participated in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games and Tokyo 2020. In advance of the Paris Games, his photos will be on exhibition from 2-26 April 2024.


House of Economic Sciences (MSE)
April 2 to 26, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
106 boulevard de hospital – conviviality area 2nd floor
75013 Paris – M° Campo Formio


The 4 Sens 1 Vision exhibition is an initiative led by the Sorbonne School of Economics, which has been recognized by the Paris 2024 Organizing Committee to receive the Cultural Olympiad label. This exhibition is part of the actions undertaken during the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Week of the Sorbonne School of Economics. In addition, the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne holds the Generation 2024 label.

More on the 4 Sens 1 Vision exhibition: The most glorious moment for any athlete is participating in the Olympic or Paralympic Games. João Maia, as a former Paralympic athlete, has extraordinary perception captured through his lens.

In a world where vision is essential to capturing precious moments, the photographer transcends the barriers of physical blindness to reveal the hidden beauty of the Paralympic Movement. Every click of his camera is a manifestation of his keen sensory perception and unwavering passion for the art of photographing sport, which is why the exhibition is named ‘4 Sens 1 Vision’.

His senses blend in harmony as he explores the world around him, using touch to shape the composition, hearing to capture the sounds that complement the image, and intuition to select the perfect angles, where his only vision is that of the heart, the vision of love for its subject.

His photos remind us that, even in dark circumstances, determination can light the path to a full and meaningful life. Thus, João Maia invites us to open our inner eyes and savor the true essence of life, not only with a camera, but with the soul.

Who is João Maia? The photographer was born in Bom Jesus, in the Northeast of Brazil, in 1974. He was a postman in São Paulo when, at the age of 28, he contracted inflammation of the uvea. Within a year, the light went out. Even if, up close, he still perceives certain shapes and colors.

The rediscovery of photography, a habit cultivated since adolescence, has become a significant source of personal fulfillment for João. Between 2008 and 2015, he devoted himself to several photography courses for visually impaired people.

During competitions, João is placed in a sports facility and his friends tell him where the athletes are placed. When the timer starts, the magic takes place. “I don’t need to see to take photos, I have the eyes of the heart.”

His work has been recognized in Brazil, earning him conference invitations and notable awards. “Photography is about sensitivity. I find it wonderful to be able to show the world as I ‘see’ it, as I feel it.”

João was the first blind photographer to cover the Paralympic Games during the Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 editions. For this Paris 2024 cycle, he is preparing by adding a specialization in photography

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