June 23
Birth of the Modern Olympics

At the inaugural Olympic Congress convened in Paris from 16-24 June 1894 by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, a French educator and sportsman, the International Olympic Committee is founded. Its first order of business: selection of Athens, Greece as the site of the First Olympic Games of the modern era to be conducted in 1896.

April 6
1896 Athens Olympic Games

The first Modern Olympic Games are held in the birthplace of the Olympics and financed by a donation of some 1million drachma by Greek businessman, George Averoff. The sale of souvenir stamps and medals also help offset the costs. James Connolly (USA) is the first Olympic medalist winning the triple jump on 6 April.

April 10
First Olympic Marathon

Greek peasant, Spyridon Louis, is the star of the Games, winning the first Olympic Marathon. He was presented with the Breal Cup for his victory..