Massimiliano Bruno (2020-2024)

2nd Vice President, 2016-2024 (Italy)


Football, Olympics, and philately, a mixture that is inside Massimiliano Bruno’s DNA.

A graduate (Academic Degree) in Law from the University of Salerno, he is a successful Lawyer authorized to practice before the Courts of the European Member States.

While he doesn’t recall exactly when he became interested in philately and collecting sports memorabilia, it certainly was as a youth. He has been a member of the Italian Olympic and sports collectors club, UICOS, for over ten years, and participated in both national and international exhibitions with his collections on the HISTORY OF FOOTBALL, and more specifically the HISTORY OF THE JULES RIMET WORLD CUP. In 2011, he won the Italian National Thematic Championship, and then went on to win a gold medal at the national exhibition, ROMAFIL. He has also competed in
the ECTP (European Thematic Championship), winning 2nd place (2013) and 3rd place (2015).

Also a memorabilia collector of football and the Olympic Games, he has a complete collection of all Olympic Participation Medals, Official Pins and Badges of Olympic Committees, plus signatures and match tickets of all World Cup Football finals and players. His football collection has also been shown in the Open Class, winning national and international Gold medals in Rome 2014 and Athens 2015.

A member of the Executive Board of UICOS, Massimiliano and his colleagues helped produce an extensive philatelic exhibit on each of the summer Olympic sports for Olymphilex 2012 which was held at the British Library in conjunction with the London Olympic Games. His contribution included material on taekwondo, fencing and table tennis.

Massimiliano has also authored many pieces for various Italian philatelic publications, such as l’Arte del Francobollo, Philasport and Notiziario Tematico CIFT. Favorite subjects include Italian National football club teams.