Dr. Roman Andrzej Babut (2016-2020)

Treasurer, 2018-2020
President, 2014-2018

Babut-cropped“Roman was a philatelist from birth,” said his mother.

More than 50 years of his collecting life have been devoted to Olympic and sports philately. He first appeared as a young exhibitor at the European Sports Stamps Exhibition, WROCLAW 1963 in Poland, held in conjunction with the Men’s European Basketball Championships. Since then he has been awarded numerous national and international level FIP (Fédération Internationale de Philatélie) awards — Gold and Large Vermeil medals — for competitive philatelic exhibits: “TO SURVIVE WITH THE HONOUR … Sport and Olympic Spirit in German Camps for the Polish Prisoners of War”; “European Sport in the Shadows of WWII”; “Olympic Games of Modern Era”; and “Polish Post on a Service for Sport.”

Roman has written several articles on sports and Olympic philately for publication in Poland and internationally. In Barcelona 1992, he presented a handbook on “The Swimming Sport in Philately.” Together with co-author John Everett, U.S. Olympian in rowing, they displayed “The Rowing Sport in Philately” at Sydney 2000. He specializes in postal issues and memorabilia related to sport and games in German camps for the Polish Prisoners-of-War in Murnau, Woldenberg and Gross Born. His basic publication on this subject was translated into seven languages, including Chinese, Spanish and Czech.

He has been a member of the Polish Philatelists Union since 1965 and an Honorary Member since 2011. Dr. Babut has served as a national philatelic judge beginning in 1995, becoming an FIP judge in Thematic Philately in 2002. He has a great deal of experience in the organization of national and international philatelic exhibitions.

Dr. Babut has contributed to the development of an international Olympic philately movement under the auspices of the IOC as an exhibitor, national commissioner and judge at OLYMPILEX exhibitions in Lausanne 1985, Rome 1987, Varna 1990, Atlanta 1996, Sydney 2000, Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008. In 2010 he was appointed to the IOC’s Working Group leading to the creation of AICO.

Roman promoted and led the organizing committees of several international exhibitions including The Masters of the Olympic Philately WARSAW 2009 and XXI. All-Poland Philatelic Exhibition WARSAW 2014 celebrating the 90th and 95th anniversaries of the Polish Olympic Committee. He contributed to the XIV World Olympic Collectors Fair WARSAW 2009 organized by the Polish Olympic Committee.

Dr. Babut co-operates closely with the Polish Olympic Committee, and was awarded a Gold Honorary Medal by the POC. He also strongly supports and advises the Museum of Sport and Tourism in Warsaw.

Roman, age 67, graduated from Warsaw University of Technology with an M.Sc. degree in civil engineering. For 10 years he was engaged in scientific research on steel fiber reinforced concretes at the Polish Academy of Sciences. Since 1985, his main field of interest and activity has been in energy efficiency in buildings. Over the past twenty years, Dr. Babut has been working with the Polish National Energy Conservation Agency.

His past sports activity included participation on an academic union’s swimming team.

  • 1992 to present – President of the Polish Club of Olympic and Sports Philately THE OLYMPIAN of the Polish Philatelists Union
  • 2003 to present – Vice-chairman of the Olympic Collectors Club of the Polish Olympic Committee
  • 22 May 2014, elected the first President of AICO which was founded on the same day (term 2014-2016)
  • May 2015, the IOC President Thomas Bach nominated Dr Roman Babut a member of the IOC Culture & Olympic Heritage Commission