NOC Pin Catalog

Step 1: This PDF version of the NOC Pin Catalog is the first step in providing collectors with an easily accessible list of worldwide NOC pins.

Step 2: Will focus on the creation of a free app for smart phones and tablets. This digital, easily-browsable version of the catalog will assist not only existing collectors, but also draw newcomers to the field. Delivered in real time, this searchable digital resource is expected to include a number of functions. Collectors will be able to save digital versions of their own collections. Young people will be attracted to pin collecting through the application of gamification principles in which “achievement” pins are awarded. Even virtual pins can be traded among peers and shared on social networks. By increasing the awareness of Olympic pins and collectibles, this app will continue the tradition of propagating the Olympic movement.

All pins presented in this NOC Pin Catalog are from the collection of Branislav Delej. Collectors are invited to contact Dr. Delej with their comments (for example: year, size, etc.) or if they have pins to add. His email is:

Pins are organized by country with PDF’s added as they become available. Those countries marked with an asterisk (*) are currently downloadable and include the letters: A to T. Please check back regularly for updates.


2020 NOC Pin Catalog