OLYMPSPORT Annual Mail Auction


No. 041 – 2021

12 November 2021 – 16 January 2022


Enter the Auction


The auction is organized using a new application on the updated website of OLYMPSPORT: www.olymp-sport.cz. Therefore, we apologize in advance if everything does not work 100% for the first time. The list of sale items is also published as an appendix to the OLYMPSPORT Newsletter.


Bids may be submitted in the following ways:
1. Directly through the website application.
2. By e-mail to the address: aukce@olymp-sport.cz
3. By post to the address. Václav Diviš, Pavrovského 14, 155 00 Prague 13


This application provides you with information on the current highest bid for each item. We believe that in this auction you will find interesting items for your collections.
For more information, please contact Joseph Koci.