New Book: Io colleziono I Campioni olimpici italiani 1980-2016

The second volume of the Italian Olympic champions, reports on the Italian gold medalists (summer and winter) from Moscow 1980 through the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

As in the previous edition, which covers Italian Olympic champions from 1896 to 1976, this volume presents a wide array of interesting pieces of memorabilia relating to the Italian Olympic champions at various Games.

Although there are no antique or unique pieces as shown in the prior volume, there are many items from famous Italian athletes. For example, the section on Moscow 1980, includes two big athletic stars, the late Pietro Mennea and Sara Simeoni, known worldwide. Sara is now a UICOS partner and a big supporter of sports and cultural initiatives.

The book continues with a review of famous and forgotten Olympic champions through the final  Italian gold medal in Rio awarded to Elia Viviani in cycling –  an unexpected medal that is enthusiastically remembered by all Italian sportsmen.

Autographs, tickets, jerseys, pins, medals, torches – each item chronicles the achievements of the athletes during the Games. Also shown are winners medals for each of the Olympic Games through Rio 2016.

An appendix includes special mention of the Olympic art competitions, a section that was present at the Games until London 1948. Sports-related art is divided into five categories (architecture, literature, music, painting, and sculpture). Memorabilia relates to the five Italian gold medals won in this special competition.

Like the previous volume, this book can be read in a single sitting without ever getting bored.

CONI President Malago said about this book: “Beautiful, because the Olympic Champions are brought to life.”