New Book: Memorabilia of the Czech Olympic Committee

The authors of this publication are Jiří Kynos, who works for the Czech Olympic Committee and is a former successful Czechoslovak sprinter (and collector of Olympic memorabilia), and Václav Diviš, Secretary General of OLYMPSPORT and member of the Czech Olympic Academy.

Thematically, the book provides a complete overview of memorabilia issued for the Summer and Winter Olympic Games (1994 to 2018), important anniversaries, and international events held in the Czech Republic under the auspices of the IOC and the Czech Olympic Committee. Important figures in the Czech Olympic movement and successful Czech Olympic medalists are not forgotten either. Also shown are the frankotypes used by the Czech Olympic Committee and indicates the development of Czechoslovak and Czech Olympic badges (1908 to 2020). The publication is supplemented by a large number of photographs documenting these mentioned events.

The book has a total of 173 pages and includes three areas of collecting interest for Czech Olympic memorabilia:
– Olympic flags, medals and badges, issued by the Czech Olympic Committee
– postage stamps, FDC and postal stationery issued by the state organization Czech Post
– philatelic materials issued by OLYMPSPORT: postcards, commemorative postmarks, machine postmarks, meter stamps, and personalized stamps commemorating Olympic medalists.

Some excerpts from the book in PDF format are below:

Further information about this publication can be obtained by emailing:

Josef Koci
President of OLYMPSPORT