1: To maintain the good spirit generated by the Lillehammer Olympic Winter Games — “The Best Games Ever” — by conducting a social and collecting meeting place for owners of one of the 1,000 special count-down shirts that was auctioned before the start of the 1994 Olympics in Lillehammer.

2: To contribute financially to good works connected to the Olympics, such as Olympic Aid, the gold medal winners fund, etc.

Primary Interest

Memorabilia/Pins, especially connected to the 1994 Lillehammer Olympic Winter Games

Other Interests

Philately and numismatics

Membership Benefits

  • Annual Meeting
  • Auction
  • Social Events

We have an annual meeting/conference in September from Friday to Sunday at different places in Norway, but it must be a place that has had a connection to 1952 or 1994 Olympics. (2013: Hamar, 2014: Lillehammer, 2015: Oslo and in 2016: Lillehammer). The meeting includes a lottery and auction of memorabilia and there is always a nice dinner party on Saturday night together with one or more Norwegian Olympic gold medal winners.

Annual Dues: Nok 250,-

Contact Address

co/Tonny Aardal
Handelsveien 18
Kløfta 2040



NOC Member

Close cooperation with both the Norwegian NOC and the exclusive Norwegian Gold medal winners club.



Elected Officials

President: Tonny Aardal
Vice-President: Jarle Teigland
Secretary/Sec. Gen.: Asle Nærby
Treasurer: Bjørn-Erik Olsen


Type: letter/email
Issue/Year:  4-5

Other Information

1000-CLUB is an exclusive club where you must be an owner of one of the 1,000 Countdown shirts that was auctioned before the start of 1994 Olympics in Lillehammer. 1000-CLUB can assist in helping new members to connect with current owners who have a shirt for sale.

The club’s slogan: “1000-CLUB, the club for real Olympic friends”