IMOS Honors Walther Tröger at 2022 Annual Meeting

The IMOS group will convene its annual meeting on May 20th-22nd, 2022 in Munich. The city celebrates this year the 50th anniversary of the Olympic Summer Games in 1972.

We have prepared and ordered a special postmark for our meeting, suitable for collections. The theme is IOC member and honorary member Walther Tröger, who died in December 2020. Apart from being a good friend of the German Olympic collectors (and an honorary member of the IMOS), we remember his contributions to the success of the 2010 World Olympic Collectors’ Fair in Cologne. He was also an integral part of the MUNICH OLYMPICS – as mayor of the Olympic village, involved in the negotiations with the Palestinian terrorists.

Special Commemorative Postmark

Text: IMOS annual meeting – mayor of the Olympic village 1972

Ordering Details: the postmark will not be used in any Munich post-office, but only in the central cancellation point of DEUTSCHE POST in Weiden. The address for sending prepared covers for cancellation:

Deutsche Post /Sonderstempelstelle
D-92627 WEIDEN

The front outer envelope should be marked at top left: “Sonderstempel Tröger”. The postal fee for a cover abroad is 1,10 €.

If you have special wishes, please contact us (
IMOS will release a special personalized cover, but the design is not yet available.

Additional info on the theme of MUNICH 1972

Graphic designer Otto “Otl” Aicher led the design team that created the “look” of the 1972 Olympics – much more than only the posters. The stamp design commemorating him, genial or a catastrophe? You decide!

Ordering Details: First day postmarks will be available in both Bonn and Berlin. Cancels may be ordered by mail from:

Deutsche Post AG
11508 Berlin

2022 Sports Aid stamps to be released in May