Doudou & Compagnie: Exclusive Limited Edition Mascots



Doudou et Compagnie Unveils Two Pairs of Official Paris 2024 Mascots in Limited Editions


Official Products Under Paris 2024 License
Made In France

As a licensee of Paris 2024, Doudou et Compagnie underlines its commitment towards this historic event by presenting these mascots in limited editions. 100 days before the long-awaited sporting event, the Phryges are wearing party outfits to celebrate this major event. These numbered premium mascots made at Guerche de Bretagne embody the spirit of prestige and celebration of the Olympic Games and Paris 2024 Paralympics, while showcasing French know-how.

The new mascots will come in two varieties: Metallic Style (above) and Sparkling Style (below).

These Limited Edition mascots will be available by the beginning of June in stores and pre-order from May 8.

Limited Edition Mascots (Press Release – French only)