Athens 2004 Olympic NOC Pins


by  Ioannis  Thomakos – Olympic Historian & Collector – Athens, Greece

The Book was Created in Commemoration of the 15-year Anniversary of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.

Book Summary:

The first ever elegantly made and published, high resolution, high quality Reference Guide of National Olympic Committee Pins and Badges, carried  by  the  201  National  Olympic  Delegations  that participated in the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.  The Guide contains one of the biggest and most complete NOC Pin Collections in the world on a single Olympiad, including 1678 NOC Pins and Badges, derived from 201 different countries plus 2 Historical NOC Pins from the Athens 1896 and Athens 1906 Olympic Games.

264 pages,  Hard Cover & Soft Cover,  23 cm x 32 cm,  Weight: 2 kg Luxury Edition, fully illustrated with high quality, high resolution photos.

Book Description:

  • The Book is of great historical significance to all 201 countries that participated in the Athens 2004 Olympic Games because it contains the NOC Pins & Badges, the Flags, the National Emblems and the Symbols of each National Olympic Delegation.
  •  The Book is also of great practical value to all National Olympic Committees that will participate in forthcoming Olympic Games, because it will greatly assist them in the future, in the design and layout of their NOC Pins and Badges.
  • The Guide is an excellent reference tool for Olympic Collectors & Historians. Collectors can utilize it to complete their NOC Pin Collection faster and Olympic Historians can use it as a model and blueprint, upon which, more Olympic Reference Books can be prepared and published in the future.
  • The Guide besides the fact that it’s the first of its kind, it’s a work of art and it has high educational value. It took the Author 15 years to complete his Athens 2004 NOC Pins Collection and another 2 years of hard work to prepare the Book for publication.
  • The Book has been listed in the biggest Olympic Library in the world, the Olympic World Library data base, operated by the Olympic Studies Centre at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland. Please click here to see the Listing:  Olympic World Library

The table of contents may be viewed here.

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