Annual OLYMPSPORT Mail Auction


Begins: December 12, 2022
Ends: January 15, 2023

Dear Sports Fans and Sports Philatelists,

The Czech Association for Olympic and Sport Philately OLYMPSPORT offers you participation in the next “Postal Auction No 042-2022”, which consists of surpluses of our members. This auction provides the right opportunity for completing your exhibits and collections of Olympic and sport themes, under very acceptable conditions. At present, there are almost 600 lots first of all Winter and Summer Olympic Games.

The auction includes stationery, postcards, stamps etc., from all over the world and from Czech production. Since the preparation of the auction is very laborious, we would like to welcome a wide range of collectors to take part in this auction. If possible, please post a link to your club website or forward this information to other collectors.

The “Postal Auction” is free and open to all participants at the web address above. All items are displayed and can be viewed and quoted directly from the menu.

To all active participants we offer the possibility to make available their sport and Olympic materials for our next auction in order to increase the quality of the offered items.

We wish you all the best and great philatelic success!