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AIWOS Category: Memorabilia


MEXICO 1968 OLYMPIC GAMES MEXICO 1968 SUMMER OLYMPIC GAMES RELATING PINS: Official COO pins; Participating Delegation pins (dated and generic); Commemoratives and souvenirs pins; Media and Sports Federations pins. Frame

107 – Olympic and paralympic mascots

Torino 2006 I have a collection of more than 2000 olympic and paralympic mascots. I also collect olympic and paralympic mascot pins and olympic badminton pins. Frame 1 Frame 2

109 – Colección XIX OLIMPIADA MEXICO 1968

Colección XIX OLIMPIADA MEXICO 1968 Colección XIX OLIMPIADA MEXICO 1968 INDICE Primer, segunda y Tercer semana deportiva anterior a la olimpiada. Programa cultura y actividades. Gafetes de los deportes oficiales

111 – Helsinki 1952 – Fußball

Helsinki 1952 – Fußball 1. Organisation 2. Venues 3. Participants 4. Tournament 5. Stars Frame 1 Frame 2 Frame 3 Frame 4 Ralph Letsch Prolympo – International Association of Olympic

116 – My Museum- Turin 2006

My Museum- Turin 2006 The intention of this exhibition is to make you relive the fundamental stages of the Turin Olympic Games with the help of all the objects, documents,

117 – Albertville 1992 NOC

Albertville 1992 NOC Presentation of part of my collection of Albertville 1992 Olympic Games pins concerning the National Olympic Committees. Frame 1 Catherine Salaun Association Française des Collectionneurs Olympiques et


SPORT AND BANKONOTES The exhibition is about bankonotes relating to several sports. Frame 1 Frame 2 Salvatore Tagliamonte Unione Italiana Collezionisti Olimpici E Sportivi Banknote’s collection about different sports.