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The games of "Mare Nostrum" - The Mediterranean Olympics

The purpose of this collection is to document the history of the Mediterranean Games, which since 1951 in Alexandria of Egypt, are held as the Olympics every four years, with some exceptions due to organizational problems, and participate all nations that overlook the Mediterranean Sea. The collection starts from Olympia and the first Olympics held in 1896 in Athens and presents the philatelic material issued on the occasion of the event and also memorabilia, autographs, medals, badges, photographs, figurines, etc. relating to the important sports event

Pasquale Polo

Unione Italiana Collezionisti Olimpici E Sportivi

I am an collector in Philately, Thematic and open, Cycling and Rugby,also I collect olympic memorabilia, Roma 1960, Cortina 1956 and Torino 2006, Badges pins and partecipant medals