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Höher, schneller, weiter - Flugsport, Luftverkehr und Luftpost im Zeichen der fünf Ringe / Von den Anfängen bis 1932

Aeronautical sports have been included in the Olympic programme in 1900 and had later some rebirths, even if not in the Olympic programme (up to 1932). Aeronautical heroes have been honoured by the IOC with Olympic Diplomas. Their achievements are part of the exhibit. The techniques of flying developed and also the airtraffic in the surrounding of the Olympics. Informations about the airtraffic and its possibilities in certain times are part of the exhibit. Except of philatelic materials postcards with motifs taken from the air or with personal messages (social philately) are incuded, also some coins and banknotes.

Thomas Lippert

Internationale Motivgruppen Olympiaden und Sport

Long time Olympic collector, especially interested in the Olympic Games and its airmail.