AICO Olympic Collecting Forum Launched

To coincide with the Opening of the 31st Olympic Games in Rio on 5 August 2016, AICO announces the launch of the new AICO FORUM where the worldwide community of Olympic and sports collectors may rendezvous.

Like the Ancient Greek agorae, the AICO FORUM will be a gathering place for all Olympic collectors to hold discussions, post items of interest, announce news relating to the various AICO member associations, and display their own collectibles from all the Olympic collecting fields.

While anyone can access the FORUM, only verified members of one of the AICO Member Associations will be able to respond to, or post new, content. It’s easy to sign up and begin posting. A few postings have been created to get things started. We hope over the coming days and weeks – especially while many of you are in Rio for the Games – that you will begin using the FORUM to tell us about your Olympic collecting world!

Visit the AICO FORUM at