AICO Executive Board Elections

AICO Executive Board Elections

During its General Assembly conducted virtually on 1 October 2022, three seats were being contested on the AICO Executive Board for the four-year period from 2022-2026.

The results: (in ranked voting the person with the highest point total is eliminated)

Christophe Ait-Braham: 39 (elected)
Mark Maestrone: 50 (elected)
Branislav Delej: 59 (elected)
Roman Babut: 92

The total number of ballots counted were 24 from 14 AICO member associations (3 clubs did not participate).

Following the conclusion of the General Assembly, the new Executive Board met to select positions on the board for the next 2 years:

President: Christophe Ait-Braham
1st Vice President: Branislav Delej
2nd Vice President: Massimiliano Bruno
Secretary-General: Mark Maestrone
Treasurer: Rufin Schullian