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Il pallone - Una storia italiana-1

Il Pallone una storia italiana - I marchi nazionali

Alessandro Di Tucci – Davide Bovolenta – Michele Acquafredda – Nicoletta Perini (ITA)

“THE FOOTBALL, AN ITALIAN HISTORY” is the title of an analytical, never-before-realized study of Italian footballs, a real catalog rather than a book, full of objects and information that allow you to discover this instrument of the game, from its creation to its commercialization.

At the base of this publishing project is a strong desire to reconstruct history and, more in detail, to try to discover and make known the Italian companies that manufactured or marketed “soccer balls.”

This Book misure 17,0 x 24,0 (172 pages), your prix is 20 Euro and can be requested from:
UICOS, Piazza Lauro de Bosis 15, Foro Italico, 00135 Roma – Italy.
e-mail:  postmaster@uicos.org

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