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The Chicago Cubs

Norman Rushefsky (USA)

This article was published in English in three parts in the Journal of Sports Philately (JSP), a magazine published by Sports Philatelists International (SPI). The article’s purpose is to present a history of the Chicago Cubs, one of America’s oldest and beloved baseball teams. The history of the team is described from 1876 to 2016 when the team was victorious in the 2016 World Series after a 108 year drought of not winning or even playing in the World Series. The article is illustrated with many philatelic items pertinent to the presented history. The first part of the article was published in the Summer 2022 issue of JSP, the second part in the Winter 2022 issue of JSP, and the third part in the Spring 2023 issue of JSP. The published article is 21 pages long on 8 1/2″ (21.59 cm) by 11″ (27.94 cm) pages.
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