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PdC. Pierre de Coubertin and the Olympic philately

Rüdiger Fritz / Volker Kluge (DEU)

The abbreviation “PdC” stands for nobody else but the founder of the Olympic movement, Pierre de Coubertin, to whom this splendidly arranged book is dedicated. However, the authors Rüdiger Fritz (Halle/Saale) and Volker Kluge (Berlin) did not want to add another publication to the list of interpretations which deal with the life of the French baron. They rather concentrate on the Olympic philately to which Coubertin contributed to a great deal.
The book not only shows the most beautiful and expensive Coubertin stamps. It also assembles, to some extent unpublished, philatelic products and documents which relate to famous athletes, Coubertin’s colleagues as well as his time and their protagonists. And we promise that you will find lots of details about Coubertin’s life which have never been published before.
Book published 2015 in German and 2017 in English, 256 pages, 453 coloured illustrations

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